Dr. Steven M Weissberg, M.D., FACOG
9240 Sunset Dr #209
Miami, FL 33173


After your body experiences a traumatic pelvic organ prolapse, it is important to visit a qualified professional who can guide you through a proper recovery process. At the practice of Dr. Steven M. Weissberg, M.D., F.A.C.O.G., we specialize in treating prolapses, and will help you determine the best healing method for you, whether you require pessaries or another course of treatment.

Our established gynecology practice is committed to providing all of our valued patients with the highest quality services that help them maximize their feminine health. After a pelvic organ prolapse, your body might require pessaries, which are devices inserted into the vaginal tissue to provide it the support it needs to heal after displacement. If they decide it is the best option for you, our skilled and professional gynecologist works diligently to both insert and subsequently monitor the pessaries to ensure their proper function. For the best gynecologist in the area, schedule an appointment with us at our inviting medical office.