Dr. Steven M Weissberg, M.D., FACOG
9240 Sunset Dr #209
Miami, FL 33173


If you are on the search for a trusted fertility physician to help you work through your infertility concerns, it is crucial that you visit a reputable gynecologist. At the practice of Dr. Steven M. Weissberg, M.D., F.A.C.O.G., we are proud to offer the highest quality feminine health services and treatments that will help you maximize your chances of pregnancy.

At our established gynecology office, we are committed to providing all of our valued patients with excellent care that exceeds their expectations. If you have concerns about fertility, our skilled gynecologist performs the various tests and procedures necessary to determine if your body is properly releasing an egg each month. If any parts of this complex process are interrupted, there is a chance of infertility. Another potential cause of infertility could be low sperm counts, which is why we also offer fertility testing for men. Once we determine the cause of infertility, we work closely with the patient to find the perfect course of treatment for their individual case. For the best gynecologist in the area, make an appointment with us at our inviting medical office. We are prepared to help you on your pregnancy journey.